Monday, February 11, 2008

Orange-Choco Truffles

Valentine's Day is approaching very soon~~
Let's give little sweet surprises to my sweeties... emmm ... I am just so in the mood of truffles lately;

1) Finely chop 200g Chocolate (my choice: Valrhona, 66% cacao)
2) Bring 100ml cream just to a boil; remove from heat

3) Add the chopped chocolate and stir gently

4) Add 50g Unsalted Butter (in 2/3 times) into the mixture and keep stirring until all butter are melted without lumps

5) Add 1.5tbsp of Cointreau (could be 2tbsp if you like stronger taste of liqueur); stir until the mixture is nice and smooth

6) Pour them into a container (covered with baking sheet) and set into fridge for at least over-night time

7) Lastly, cut them into shapes of your choice and dust cacao powder as coating and ENJOY~ =)


Mochachocolata Rita said...

So, I guess I am 1 of your! the truffles were super smooth, very chocolatey, with a touch of orange. i still have chocolate dust all over my desk lol

SIG said...

Those truffles look so gorgeous and those you get in that Jap chocolate store.. now, if I could only remember the name.